Opportunities to Serve

At Camp Mariposa WV, we LOVE camp, and we LOVE to get people involved in the life-changing work that we do for West Virginia kids. If you are interested in investing your gifts, time, or finances, in the future of Camp Mariposa, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Camp Mentor Volunteer

Mentoring is key to the development of our youth; it provides outside support to the child and helps them to deal with day to day challenges.

Mentors serve as a role model and friend to their mentee in any number of situations. Mentors help keep children focused and can help improve a young person’s self-esteem. A national study indicates that youth involved in formal, high-quality relationships with adult mentors are 46% less likely to initiate drug use; 27% less likely to initiate alcohol use; and 32% less likely to hit someone.

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Food Service Volunteer

We are in need of food worker volunteers to serve and prepare food for our weekend youth camps. 

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If you would like to volunteer for any position, including activities helpers, or anything please apply here!

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