Our Team

Camp Mariposa WV Staff & Mentors

Kagne Ball

Camp Director

Kagne is a 26 year old program director at Community Connections, Inc., as well as a Narcan trainer and First Aid/CPR instructor. Camp Mariposa is her passion, and she loves that her career gives her the opportunity to make a difference in the community where she grew up. She is also the mom of 2 wild and wonderful little boys, Drake and Izak. Kagne grew up with parents struggling with addiction, so she knows firsthand how hard it can be for a child. She wants to let the campers know that they are not alone in this. They will always have a support system at Camp Mariposa. 

Wilimena Jones

Camp Nurse

"Willi" is a 45 year old Registered Nurse that is the Care Coordinator for Southern Highlands Primary Integrated Care Grant. Mrs. Jones works daily with consumers of Southern Highlands, psychiatric along with recovery, to ensure that Primary Health care needs are met and addressed. Mrs. Jones is also the RN over Health Homes through Southern Highlands. This program works with consumers with bi-polar, offering support with issues that bipolar consumer’s face that can cause barriers to continuity of care. Mrs. Jones has a back ground in Critical Care along with home health as well. She is a proud mother of two sons. Mrs. Jones has been married for 26 years, but she grew up in a family that dealt with addictions. She knows the struggle of being a child in the home where addiction lives as well. Her heart is to help and support. To show the children that there are many paths that can be taken. That everyone has the power to choose their own path. Her goal is to encourage and build up the wonderful children that she will get to meet this year at camp.

Kelsey Gilbert

Camp Mentor

Kelsey is a 27 year old Program Coordinator with the City of Charleston Parks and Rec. She is an avid outdoor-gal, and very immersed in the fitness/health and wellness industry. Kelsey is a lifelong camper/counselor with experience with 4-H, Upward Bound, her own Nature Camps, and of course Camp Mariposa. Growing up on a country farm, Kelsey knows the importance of making sure children have a great connection with nature and the importance of having a healthy hobby. Kelsey is excited for this year and hopes the kids will learn the best aspects of wellness during their times at camp!

Stephanie Wilson

Camp Mentor

Stephanie is a 23 year old chaplain at Lifeline Church & Childcare Facility. She enjoys the outdoors, coffee, avocadoes, and photography. Stephanie loves seeing the positive life changes that take place during our Camp Mariposa weekends.